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Famed for their live performances, UK rock band Stereophonics are considered to be one of the treasures of the British rock scene. Having formed back in 1992, the band reached superstardom with their second album Performance and Cocktails. Having gone on to record hit record after hit record the band have experienced the extreme highs and lows of being a rock back and know all about the difficulties of embarking on the journey to being a successful rock band.

We asked bassist Richard Jones a bit about his creative life and inspirations...

Can you give us an insight into how you started out making music?

It came as part of the parcel with being in a band. You play, you jam and songs come out of that. It's an on-going thing which you can never tell when or why it happens. Maybe it's just lucky for it to be a part of you.

What would you say to people experiencing your music for the first time?

Enjoy yourself and don't get too wrapped up in the glitz and glamour the way the press portray it. We all come from the same place as everyone else, we are just fortunate to be able to play music which people like listening to.

What is your favourite tune in the world? Why?

Johnny Cash's Spiritual. The conviction heard in Johnny Cash's voice is haunting and never fails to amaze me every time I hear the song.

When and why did you start playing bass?

I always had a love for music from a young age, being influenced by my elder siblings, listening to their records and then being able to buy/listen to my own choice I found myself wanting to be able to play the same music. And that's when I started to play bass guitar and guitar.

Any advice for those just starting playing and starting out?

Experience everything, play with anyone you can and take the criticism in the same respect as the praises.

What are your thoughts on the Take it away scheme?

It's a great way to get budding musicians playing/producing music. We tried every way to get funds to help our cause. We applied for grants with the Princes Trust on numerous occasions to help get equipment. Without it we would not have been able to rehearse twice a week and put on our own shows at venues.

So the Take it away scheme in my eyes can only help people fulfil their ambitions and further their desire to succeed.

For more information on Stereophonics check out their website

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