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Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner

Newton Faulkner is a singer-songwriter famous for his inventive approach to guitar playing. Having released his debut album Hand Built by Robots in 2007 Faulkner shot to fame with his song Dream Catch Me which soon became the favourite of radio playlists nationwide. With a touring regime that would intimidate the most hard core artist, Newton has certainly worked had to get where he is today.

Take it away managed to get five minutes to ask him a few questions.

How would you describe your creative life?

Creating on demand is hard work. It's a strange moment when what you used to do just for yourself in your bedroom becomes your job. It becomes what you have to do, and then you do it more than you've ever done it before and to others' specifications. It's also hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. So don't let me put you off. The hardest decisions are whether you continue to do it just for yourself, or compromise in order to have a career, or sustain a career...and I can't help there. I don't think there is a clear correct or incorrect decision, you just have to trust yourself.

What's your favourite music? What is it about it you love?

Everything, I love creating. I love feeling the vibrations of the notes against my stomach. I love communicating with people. I love learning and practicing (while secretly imagining I'm in a Kung-fu montage). In fact, I can't think of anything I don't like about it.

What is your favourite song in the world? Why?

I'm still here, off the album Alice by Tom Waits. It's perfect. It's short but perfectly formed, like Scarlet Johansson...

When did you personally start playing an instrument?

I played a few things before I made it to the acoustic guitar. I think the first I ever played by choice was the keyboard. I just asked my mum and apparently I started having lessons when I was nine.

Have you come up against difficulties when learning? How did you overcome them?

Of course, loads! Every now and then you hit something you can't seem to move past, and you plateau for a little bit. As for how you get past these, it's hard to remember. Something just clicks and you flow straight through it like there was never anything there. If I could work out what triggers that, then I could get really good.

What or who inspired you to start and continue playing?

I wish I could remember why I started in the first place, but I can't. I just fell into it. I continue playing because of people like Eric Roche and Thomas Leeb and everyone else who's better than me. I really enjoy the challenge of pushing myself, especially live when I've nothing to hide behind. It's just me, a guitar, and a lot of people.

Is there another instrument you want to play?

All of them. Ok, maybe not all of them, I could live without the recorder and I struggle with brass instruments after a BMX accident when I was eleven, involving some concrete and my face.

Any advice for those just starting playing and starting out?

Enjoy it. I truly believe that is the most important thing.

What are your thoughts on the Take it away scheme?

It gives young people an opportunity to discover music.I think it's invaluable.

For more information, check out Newton Faulkner's website.

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